ElliptiGO Riding and Hip Strength

I want to share an interesting story about hip strength for anyone who is considering purchasing an ElliptiGO. I saw my mentor recently for a check-in. He's a world-class chiropractic physician and specializes in biomechanics/running injuries. He and I both measure hip strength using a dynamometer (we are looking for a specific strength/body weight ratio) … Continue reading ElliptiGO Riding and Hip Strength

Running-Specific Hip Strengthening

This hip strengthening exercise is a perfect complement to targeted hip work (like side-lying leg lifts.) This is a favorite exercise to give athletes with hip weakness or strong hip muscles that don’t fire because it teaches your body to properly fire the hip muscles while building strength in a running-specific angle. How it works: … Continue reading Running-Specific Hip Strengthening

Contract-Relax Muscle Energy Stretches

Runners often ask, should I stretch? I cannot answer that for you without looking at your muscle length. Only a problematic, tight muscle truly needs to be stretched, otherwise you are better off spending time on mobility and rolling. However, if a tight muscle is noted by your therapist or trainer, this approach is an … Continue reading Contract-Relax Muscle Energy Stretches