Note: Muscle length and strength testing is separate from 5-1-5 assessments. Assessments are long and should not be combined unless you are traveling to see me.

ElliptiGO test rides

This past year, ElliptiGO realized my love for their bikes and asked me to offer test rides in my area. I have a long stride and stand up bike for you to try before considering purchasing. These bike are the perfect complement to running.

Corrective Exercise: Muscle Strength and Length

This assessment is designed for injury-prone athletes to assess muscle length and strength. I will use these values to track progress as we work towards correcting faulty movement patterns with strength and neuromuscular exercises. We will use quantitative data to increase the success of correcting strength deficiencies or asymmetries. The initial assessment cost is $150, which takes approximately 90+ minutes and includes a detailed summary of recommendations by email. Follow-up appointments and retesting are $80. Email

Muscle Oxygen Monitoring

Note– I am not currently running these sessions but I am using my monitors to take a peak at oxygen during specific exercises.

It is possible to determine what limits performance in sport using what is called a 5-1-5 assessment. Measuring muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) during this incremental run assessment provides insight into which physiological system fails first. The purpose of this assessment is to find the “limiter” and then modify future training to stress that limiter. Can oxygen supply keep up with demand? Does muscle coordination cause one leg to fail first? Does poor breathing technique lead to hyperventilating as intensity increases? Weak ventilatory exchange? A good supply of oxygen but poor utilization? This is a treadmill assessment at light and high intensities until failure. Assessments are performed in Leverett, MA, take approximately 90 minutes (50 minutes of run time) and cost $150. Email with questions or to set up an appointment.

ONLINE COACHING (Note: Athlete Roster is Currently Full. Waitlist Only)

My interest in coaching came from a natural progression as a long-time runner with a constant thirst to learn more about how to balance injury prevention, strength training, and cross-training with the “just right” volume of running. This balance is different for every athlete I coach. My number one goal for my athletes is injury-free running; all of the fun and glory will come naturally if we achieve this first goal. What are your goals? Be in touch through my contact page or email

Coaching includes individualized training plans and weekly communication via text, or email. My expertise are in trail and mountain running, strength training, injury prevention and rehabilitation, track, cross country and road running.