ElliptiGO Riding and Hip Strength

I want to share an interesting story about hip strength for anyone who is considering purchasing an ElliptiGO. I saw my mentor recently for a check-in. He’s a world-class chiropractic physician and specializes in biomechanics/running injuries. He and I both measure hip strength using a dynamometer (we are looking for a specific strength/body weight ratio) but it’s been a while since I’ve had my own hips tested because it’s a two-person test. Let me start by saying that there was a few year span where I worked really hard on my hip abductor and external rotator strength because it didn’t come naturally for me. Strength in these muscle groups protect us from a host of different injuries. As soon as I took a break from this tedious work, I would see those numbers go down. Even when I was riding 6 hours per week on a standard bike, running 30-35 mpw, and doing crossfit-like workouts 3x per week, I still had significant weakness. I don’t do those exercises anymore because it turns out the ElliptiGO forces me to recruit both muscle groups. Still, my mentor wanted to do a check-in. Based on my weight, my goal is 24 pounds of strength in my hip external rotators. When I first was first tested, I measured 21 pounds (this was about 6-7 years ago) and with lots of hard work, I got to my goal of 24 lbs but never over. Fast forward to three years on my ElliptiGOs, no more side-lying leg lifts etc… and guess what both left and right sides pulled last week? 31 pounds! I’ve never seen those numbers before. My mentor was surprised but also thrilled to hear how my ElliptiGO training has helped me maintain such strong hips. If you are on the fence and thinking about riding, I thought you all might appreciate this data point. Happy to answer your questions!

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